Furnished Regulation Technique

Succeed in Ranking Furnished accommodation

You propose a seasonal rental (villa, apartment or furnished studio). Convinced by the tax benefits, you wish to be classified as “Furnished Touristic Accommodation” as soon as possible. Good news, the Furnished Accommodation Classification is even simpler than the Hotel Classification.

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Since June 1, 2012, the prefectoral classification has been replaced by the classification of furnished tourist accommodation.

For those who would not be convinced by the only argument of the advantageous taxation (tax abatement of 71% instead of 50%, fixed and reduced tourist tax …), the classification opens to other benefits :

– The possibility of being paid by Chèques Vacances ANCV.

– The commercial promotion, by your care, of your standardized establishment.

– The realistic feeling of structuring your destination by participating in the transparency of its offer, according to the surface areas, equipment and services.

It returns it to you well by a commercial promotion on its window.

Here the inventory of the furnished apartments of the destination Martinique.

It is the Code of Tourism, article L324-1 which regulates the Furnished Accommodation: “Furnished tourism accommodation is furnished villas, apartments, or studios, for the exclusive use of the tenant, offered for rent to a clientele passing through who make a stay characterized by a daily, weekly or monthly rental, and who do not elect domicile there. »

The rental does not exceed 90 consecutive days of rental to the same person.

Individuals as well as professionals can obtain the official name of Meublé.

The procedure is not compulsory, it is voluntary.

It is valid for 5 years.

On the other hand, once your classification has been validated, you must display the classification sign generated by the procedure.

Your request for classification will be declined:

 – If the surface area of your Furniture, including kitchenette, is less than 12m2 or 9 m2 if the kitchen is separate.

– If the shower room and/or WC are not located inside the dwelling.


The Furnished of tourism is obligatorily the object of a declaration in town hall.

This number must be systematically affixed on your photos and advertisements.

The request for classification is made to organizations that have received accreditation from COFRAC (Comité Français d’Accréditation).

The organization validates your request and sends you a preliminary documentation.

The required elements :

– The declaration to the town hall and its Cerfa 14004-02 form.

– A note of commitment of confidentiality on the part of the inspection service provider.

– Form Cerfa 11819-03 of Furnished Tourism Classification.

– The Referentiel de_Classification.

1. Will allow you to position yourself realistically on your star category.

2. It will serve as a guide throughout the classification procedure.

– The Order Form of the Private Organization (on average 150 € to 200 € the visit), to be returned signed.

The investment is largely amortized over 5 years both in tourist taxes and tax relief, not to mention your guarantee of quality with prospective tourists.


You arrive prepared, after reading your Classification Reference (all categories).

The Reference System is explained in your Furniture Inspection Guide.

You agree on a date with the Inspector.

You prefer the dates when your occupancy rate is the lowest.

The visit lasts an average of 2 hours and is carried out in all the units.

Inform your clients beforehand to validate their authorization to visit your furnished property.

The inspection is based on 112 control criteria divided into 3 categories:

– Equipment and fittings.

– Services for holiday makers.

– Accessibility and sustainable development.

As with the hotel classification, the system is based on points, some “mandatory”, others “à la carte” or “optional”.

To qualify for the 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 star category, the furnished accommodation must obtain a number of “mandatory” points and a number of “à la carte” points.

Unlike the hotel industry, you do not prepare a pre-diagnosis and do not determine the category of stars you claim.

It is at the end of his visit that the Inspector will share with you the criteria validated or not, as well as the category of stars you can claim.

If the Inspector believes that you are close to a 4* rating, for example, he will be able to advise you on what additional equipment you need to provide within a given time frame.

Case Study

This is from experience

During my visit by the accredited organization in Martinique (in this case, Gîtes de France), I had to review my copy to reach the desired 3* classification.

In equipment

I was missing toasters, toasters or steamers, bread knives, wine glasses, champagne glasses, aperitif glasses (2 glasses per person), adapters, lids, dishes, bowls, baby chair.

In service to holidaymakers

I was missing up-to-date English and French tourist brochures.

In accessibility and sustainable development

I lacked visibility on my sustainable actions brought to the attention of customers.

In the words of the Inspector:

However, it would be good if you could make an annex document with the gestures to be made in general during the holidaymakers’ stay: for example: Do not leave your waste on the beach, during walks avoid cutting species (flowers, plants) and respect the marked paths, do not leave plastic cups on the banks of rivers, avoid making fires on the beaches and forests etc.”. »

Within a legal period of 10 days, I :

– Purchased the above-mentioned equipment and returned to the Inspector the invoices relating to each purchase.

A slightly salty invoice (more than 500 €, especially due to toasters…), but an investment once and for all.

– Sent by e-mail a photo of the brochures in French and English recovered at the Tourist Office.

– Sent by e-mail a sustainable development guide inserted in my internal rules.

To date, I have dematerialized this information on a tablet that I make available to customers upon their arrival.

In the absence of these elements that arrived on time, I would have been classified Furnished 2*.

After Classification

Within 30 days, you will receive the official classification decision together with the inspection certificate (consisting of the inspection report for inspection firms and the grid for inspection firms).

Once the classification has been officialized, you order your official plaque to be affixed at the entrance of the accommodation.

You start the promotion of your tourist accommodation with the number of stars validated on all the desired supports.

You inform the representative tourist organization (Tourist Office) of your town or city.

Personal flat: to date and despite numerous reminders (8 months), the PATIO GALLIENI has not been updated as a classified furnished apartment on the Official Website of the Martinique Tourism Committee.

You inform your town hall of your classification for the impact on your tourist tax.

Control organisms :

Gîtes de France


05 96 73 74 74

Martinique Tourism Committee

5 avenue Loulou Boislaville

Lumina Tower – BP 7124


05 96 61 61 77

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